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The New Standard
in Data Capture.

Companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s—use Aris’s on-demand diverse data collection platform to validate decisions, train technology models, and understand audiences.


A platform for on-demand data collection.

Aris is an on-demand data collection platform designed to more effectively capture high-quality data from diverse consumer populations.

Our proprietary technology powers the collection of unique photo, video, audio, and survey data from diverse, representative, and highly-engaged consumer populations.

Drive on-demand data collection.

Execute bespoke projects that are customized to your data collection needs.

Diversify your data & eliminate bias.

Eliminate bias and achieve balanced data sets by driving data capture from our diverse and representative audiences.

Collect data in days, not months.

Our technology gets you the speed you need without compromising on quality.

Reach real people,
not bots.

Our patented solution is designed to keep real people in and bots out – bringing you real, reliable data you can trust.

End-to-End Data Collection and Management


Power your data projects.

Our easy-to-use agile platform gets your bespoke data collection projects created, customized, and launched in under an hour. 

With over a dozen project types – from surveys to store checks – the Aris platform allows you to customize your collection to meet your specific needs.

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Capture custom, high-quality data.

Our patented mobile solution empowers real people from all across the country to capture unique content, perform custom tasks, and give you their opinions and feedback through an interactive and immersive app.

Our unique gamified experience redefines data capture by making it fun and engaging for the mobile generation, producing industry-leading participation rates and response rates over 30x the competition.


Diversify your

Our technology helps eliminate differential performance and algorithmic bias by leveraging the power of our diverse and representative audience of first-party consumers to drive data capture & collection.

With over 136 cultural combinations and layers of metadata that include nationality, ethnicity, religion, skin tone, and languages, Aris's targeting platform allows you to zero in on the exact audience you need to help fill gaps in your datasets and help eliminate bias.



Cultural Combos




Avg. Response Rate


Avg. Completion Rate

We enable teams across the entire organization to collect data.

Our versatile solution set powers on-demand data collection projects across a variety of industries, teams, and use cases.

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Market research

Drive consumer insights

Drive meaningful insights for your brand through custom research with highly-targeted audiences. Our suite of research solutions powers quant & qual research. 

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Training data

Collect diverse datasets

Capture diverse, representative, and high-quality data sets to train your machine learning and artificial intelligence models. 

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Data gathering

Gather information

Collect valuable data and intelligence by sending our audiences out to complete custom tasks and gather information.


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How it works

Our end-to-end platform removes friction and creates efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the data collection process. 


Create data projects and customize your collection using our built-in design tools.


Target exact audiences using granular demographic and location data. Set quotas and pre-screening criteria.


Launch your project and manage your collection as it comes in live. Review, tag, and optimize in real-time.


Analyze your data, segment by demographic and geographic metadata, and export your results.

No matter what kind of data you're looking for, Aris helps you curate the diverse and bespoke data you need to better validate decisions, train models, and understand audiences.

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Ready to run your first project?

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